Swan Market's Lunch Menu

When you're craving an old world taste, come to Swan Market for lunch and enjoy the best German food Rochester has to offer. Featured menu items include classic German fare, such as schnitzel, goulasch, and sauerbraten, along with red cabbage, saurkraut, and potato salad. Stop by for lunch with friends or family and treat yourself to a great meal and a cold beer!


  • Soup of the week

    Soup of the week

    We feature one soup each week. Our soups are homemade and are served piping hot!

  • Sausage Appetizer

    Sausage Appetizer

    Enjoy our homemade sausage as an appetizer, which is served with our German mustard that will kick your taste buds into high gear!

Main Dishes

  • Cordon Bleu

    Cordon Bleu

    This is a finely breaded pork cutlet with a ham and cheese interior fried to perfection.

  • Leberkase


    Leberkase is made from pork and is shaped into a loaf.  It is served warm and has a bologna-like taste to it.

  • Pork Roast with Filling

    Pork Roast with Filling

    Sliced pork roast with German stuffing made with sausage.

  • Wurst Platter

    Wurst Platter

    It's your choice...you pick your favorite two sausages from a selection of fresh Bratwurst, Smoked Bratwurst, Bauernwurst, Weiswurst, Knockwurst, Bockwurst, Andouille, fresh Chorizo, Cajun, and Wieners.

  • Rouladen


    This is a thin beef cutlet rolled with onion, mustard, pickles, sausage, and bacon inside served in a brown gravy.

  • German Garbage Plate

    Sampler "German Garbage Plate"

    This German version of the garbage plate comes with four of the days meats and all four sides, red cabbage, sauerkraut, German potato salad, and noodles with gravy.

Specialty Dishes

  • Schnitzel


    Our schnitzel is a thin, but hearty, slice of pork coated in breadcrumbs and fried.

  • Jager Schnitzel

    Jager Schnitzel

    Try this deliciously different version of schnitzel that is covered in a brown mushroom gravy.

  • Hungarian Goulasch

    Hungarian Goulasch

    This is a pork and beef stew in a paprika spiced gravy.

  • Sauerbraten


    Chunks of beef marinated in a vinegar based gravy.

  • Rahm Schnitzel

    Rahm Schnitzel

    Fried, un-breaded pork cutlet with papricka-based creamy mushroom gravy.


  • German Potato Salad

    German Potato Salad

  • Red Cabbage

    Red Cabbage

  • Bread Dumplings

    Bread Dumplings

  • Sauerkraut


  • Noodles


  • Torte of the day

    Our Torte of the Day desserts are so sinfully delicious, you'll have one after your lunch and want to take more home with you. Our selection varies daily or weekly.

    Examples of tortes we offer are:
    • Black Forest
    • Hazelnut
    • Bienstich (vanilla and almond)